Pentecost Offering

Received in many congregations on May 31 and June 7, 2020

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How is the Pentecost offering used?

In 2001, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) embraced a bold vision: to start 1,000 new churches in 1,000 different ways by the year 2020.

Today, we have welcomed 1,034+ new places of worship into the Church. The Table around which we gather has grown in language, diversity, and life experience.

Courageous leaders have answered the call to grow the denomination through the new church movement. They have reached the underserved, welcomed new neighbors, and created communities of faith. And we, as Disciples, have committed to supporting them.

Support the 2020 Pentecost Offering. Each year, half of this offering stays in your Region to support and sustain new churches. The second half helps leaders across the United States and Canada through New Church Ministry programs.

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