Offering Supply Orders

For each special offering, the Office of the General Minister and President (OGMP) assists in distributing a variety of print materials – available to all congregations for free.

For each Special Day Offering (Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, and Christmas), the following materials are available to order:

  • Bulletin inserts (come in packs of 50)
  • Offering envelopes (come in packs of 50; shipped twice a year at Easter and Thanksgiving)
  • Posters (come in packs of 3)

These materials will also be linked on each offering’s webpage if you prefer digital copies, or if you need to print a few extras. The printed materials are in English, though occasional digital versions are posted online in other languages.

For the special offerings for our Church’s other mission funds (Week of Compassion and Reconciliation Ministry), similar materials are available for free. Reconciliation offering materials can be ordered through this form below. Week of Compassion offering materials must be ordered on their website.

To place or change your standing offering supplies order, please complete the form below and OGMP staff will make the requested change. For any other inquires about your order, please email

Change Standing Order