Treasury Services

The Treasury Services segment of the Office of the General Minister and President (OGMP) administers a carefully designed system to receive, record, acknowledge, and distribute funds that support the outreach ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). These funds include all contributions received from Disciples Mission Fund, Week of Compassion, and Reconciliation Ministry.

Treasury Services records reported and actual contributions, which frequently total over 2 million dollars, on a monthly basis. These funds are allocated and distributed monthly to regional outreach ministries, general ministries, seminaries, universities, and other organizations affiliated with the Church. Treasury Services honors special requests, be they individual or congregational, to ensure donations are properly allocated. Treasury Services applies the General Board’s strict guidelines to all general donations.

Treasury Services provides contribution reports to congregations and outreach ministries. Detailed records of congregational outreach are provided for publication in the annual Year Book.

Ministries served by Treasury Services

Treasury Services also provides financial and accounting services for the Office of the General Minister and President, Communication Ministries, Week of Compassion, Reconciliation Ministry, Year Book & Directory, Promotion, Center for Faith & Giving, Christian Church Services, College of Regional Ministers, Council on Christian Unity, Disciples of Christ Historical Society, National City Christian Church Foundation, Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries, Disciples Seminary Foundation, and the following regions: Arizona, Capital Area, Central Rocky Mountain, Florida, Georgia, Greater Kansas City, Great River, Illinois-Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mid-America, Nebraska, Northwest, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Southwest, Upper Midwest, and Virginia.

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