Pentecost Offering

Received in many congregations on May 31 and June 7, 2020

How is the Pentecost offering used?

To help our new church movement continue to take root!

Each year, half of this offering stays in the local Region or Area where it’s collected to start and uphold new churches.

The other half is used across the United States and Canada by New Church Ministry to support the recruiting, assessing, training and coaching of new church leaders at events like Leadership Academy.

Our church planters remain committed to answering God’s call … to serve their neighbors, spread the gospel, and make more Disciples.

But they need the nurturing and generous support of people like you through the 2019 Pentecost Offering, June 2 and 9.

Please help our new church movement continue to take root, bear fruit … and grow more Disciples every day!

Please give generously to this year’s Pentecost offering.